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  • The success of the RHCS work in Madagascar, while noted by the USAID community and its implementing partners, has not been well documented. This assessment provides documentation and a clear description of the country's success in using the SPARHCS process to strengthen RHCS and reposition the FP program. These results can be seen as a success story for RFP and may be used as guidelines for countries currently planning for, or implementing, RHCS and RFP strategies. The RFP initiative is based on the premise that, with increased political commitment for financial and human resources for FP, strengthened participation and coordination among donors and partners, and more effective programming of resources toward technically sound programs, it will be possible to expand access and meet unmet need for family planning. This assessment documents the SPARHCS process, and its results, challenges, and recommendations for raising awareness of the FP program in Madagascar. The sources of information for this paper were the result of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and a review of documents. The information presented in this paper highlights the success story of family planning and how the SPARHCS process contributed to repositioning family planning in Madagascar, and reports on the major results achieved thus far.
    SPARHCS Madagascar Reposition FP Final report.pdf