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  • This paper identifies eight interventions for HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment of construction workers. Where prevalence is low, cost of the eight interventions is 0.14 percent of the cost of a major construction project. With high prevalence levels of ten percent of the workforce, costs of the package of interventions would still fall below one percent of total project costs. These percentages are low enough to permit contractors to include the costs of such services among the indirect costs for worker injury protection, insurance and emergency care without substantially increasing total project costs. Economics of AIDS and Access to HIV/AIDS Care in Developing Countries, Issues and Challenges The following series of documents (in PDF) are the chapters of this book, which was assembled by ANRS in June 2003. This paper is part of a book which contributes to the debate on expanding access to HIV/AIDS treatment in developing countries. It presents an important and innovative aspect of the work of the ANRS (Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida), one of the few agencies to have initiated research in this field. Its aim is to increase the engagement of the economic and social science perspective so as to clarify international and national discussions about the best way to overcome the scandalous inequality in access to HIV/AIDS treatment between poor and rich region of the world. For more information on the book follow this link: http://www.iaen.org/papers/anrs.php/