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  • After the return to civilian rule and “re-certification” for USAID programs, the POLICY Project was among the first of USAID’s implementing partners to establish a program in Nigeria. The POLICY Project’s purpose was to strengthen the policy process in population, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS as a basis for improved services. The project began working in Nigeria in late 1999, and set up an office with local staff by mid-2000. In 2002, the scope of the project was expanded from HIV/AIDS, population, and reproductive health to include child survival. POLICY’s principal partners in government were federal line ministries, two national commissions (planning and population), and the National Action Committee on AIDS(NACA), a multisectoral committee that develops and coordinates the national response to HIV/AIDS. Outside government, POLICY engaged in policy development, advocacy, and targeted public information activities with several national and regional Christian and Islamic bodies and numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations(CBOs), including six NGO networks and one network of HIV/AIDS researchers. The project also worked at the state level by advocating for national policies in several states, developing an adolescent reproductive health policy and strategic plan in Edo State, and focusing on the northern states through activities with both federal ministry and NGO partners. Collaboration with donor agencies included communication and attendance at each other’s meetings on shared concerns, and technical or financial input on specific tasks such as assessments for donor program planning and co-sponsorship of conferences and events. POLICY and some donors also participated as stakeholders in NACA and in activities such as advocacy visits to states.