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  • Ethiopias 1994 National Population Policy sets ambitious goals for 2015. However, most of the components of the policy have not been implemented and progress has been slow. In early 2004, the Ministry of Health (MOH), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and other donors discussed the need to update the National Population Policy and create a Reproductive Health Strategic Framework. This activity was to be conducted jointly with major donors and stakeholders. The strategic framework was to address all areas of reproductive health, including family planning, safe motherhood, postabortion care, adolescent reproductive health, and possibly HIV/AIDS. At the same time, the government of Ethiopia was developing plans to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The MOH was requested to indicate what actions and how much funding would be required to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for safe motherhood. The Allocate Model was applied in Ethiopia to provide a thorough test of the model; to prepare an improved RH action plan with increased efficiency in the use of funding resources; and to foster dialogue among all stakeholders regarding RH priorities.
    Ethiopia Allocate case study.doc