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  • Owing to the high fertility and declining mortality experiences in the past, Kenya is characterized by a youthful population with over 40 per cent being younger than 15 years. This implies that over half of Kenyas population, about 31 million in 2004 is aged below 24 years, with a large peoportion being adolescents. Consequently, Kenya faces the formidible challenge of providing its adolescents with opportunities for a safe, healthy, and economically productive future. In line with the ICPD recommendations, Kenya has put in place an Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development (ARH&D) Policy to enhance the implementation and coordination of programmes that address the reproductive health and development needs of young people in the country. The principles spelt out in the ARH&D Policy provided a conceptual guide to the development of this Plan of Action, which further distinguishes four strategic areas: advocacy; health awareness and behaviour change communication; access to and utilization of sustainable youth friendly services; and management. This Plan of Action also provides an estimation of the total resources required to achieve the goal and objectives outlined in the Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development Policy.
    KEN_ARH_POA 2005-15.pdf