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  • Over two decades since the first AIDS case was described in Kenya, HIV/AIDS still remains a huge problem for the country in its efforts for social and economic development. Responses to the pandemic have evolved over time as people became aware of this new disease, as they experienced illness and death among family members, and as services have developed to confront this epidemic. Initially many segments of society expressed denial of the disease. Early in the epidemic in Kenya political commitment was limited. While awareness of AIDS has been nearly universal for more than a decade, misconceptions still abound and many still have not dealt with this disease at a personal or community level. The purpose of AIDS in Kenya has been to inform leadership and citizens of the country about the epidemic, make projections about its impact, and describe policy. Emphasis of the publication now shifts; this edition: " describes the level and trends of HIV infection; " assesses the breadth and depth of knowledge of HIV; " identifies behavioural patterns associated with these trends; " provides information on HIV prevalence from VCT clients, STI patients and blood donors; " describes the scale-up in HIV prevention services; " analyses the interaction of the TB and HIV epidemics; " describes the expansion of HIV care and treatment; and " assesses the socio-economic impact and costs of AIDS.