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  • Seizing the Moment: An Advocacy Kit for GBV Policy Change is a practical toolkit directed to NGO leaders, researchers, advocates, and others who work on the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) around the world. While numerous resources are available to those who work on GBV as a social issue, the POLICY Project saw the need for a specific product that helps advocates use data to build support for increasing resources for GBV programming. The Advocacy Kit was prepared by the POLICY Project under USAID Contract No. HRN-00-00-00006-00. POLICY Project is implemented by the Futures Group in collaboration with the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) and Research Triangle Institute (RTI). Components of the Advocacy Kit include: · Responding to GBV: A Focus on Policy Change – A 33-slide PowerPoint presentation is provided on CD-ROM that builds a case for an improved policy response to GBV. The presentation seeks to raise awareness about the societal costs of GBV and propose solutions to address the issue. It defines GBV and related myths and realities, unpacks GBV as a public health and development issue, and explores the specific costs of the phenomenon on society. The presentation serves as a template and provides sample policy recommendations to address GBV. The presenter is encouraged to adapt the PowerPoint to his/her own country setting, using local GBV data where available. · Responding to GBV: A Focus on Policy Change – A Companion Guide The companion guide is included to support the advocate as s/he prepares to deliver the PowerPoint presentation. A first section about setting the stage looks at potential audiences, advocacy entry points, and presentation tips. The second section provides detailed guidance to the presenter about how to adapt the presentation’s content to a specific country setting using available data sources. Finally, the companion guide includes a set of speaker’s notes—a suggested narrative script that the presenter can rely on, if s/he so chooses. · Understanding the Issue: An Annotated Bibliography on GBV This 28-page bibliography was prepared in January 2006 to reflect the most current publications and materials concerned with gender-based violence—most of which are available on the World Wide Web. Documents include basic information about the prevalence and nature of GBV, training tools, reviews of promising interventions to address GBV, and how-to guides for service providers to improve the health sector response to GBV.