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  • Planning for comprehensive reproductive health programs has been hampered by a lack of tools to relate program actions to goals. Although most countries have developed or are developing reproductive health action plans (RHAP), there are many challenges to this work. Some of the biggest challenges are how to answer the following questions: • How much funding is required to achieve the goals of the RHAP? • What goals are feasible (for indicators such as unintended pregnancies, maternal mortality ratio, abortions)? • How should we allocate the available resources to best achieve these goals? Allocate is a tool that can be used to answer some of these questions. It examines the linkages and interactions between three main areas of a representative RHAP: family planning, safe motherhood, and post-abortion care. It summarizes output from other Spectrum models on one summary screen. Allocate then provides a mechanism to re-allocate and/or increase budgets for each of the various models, with resultant impacts shown on the summary screen.