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  • The Safe Motherhood Model (SMM) is a tool that can be used to improve the understanding of how changes in maternal health services can avoid maternal deaths. Some of the questions the model can ask are: • Where should effort be focused to yield the greatest reduction in maternal mortality? • How much would it cost to reach a certain level of maternal mortality? • How much of a reduction in maternal mortality is feasible in the next few years? • What can be learned from the performance of a similar country? The SMM estimates the impact of various scores from the Maternal and Neonatal Program Effort Index (MNPI) on the maternal mortality ratio (MMR). The MNPI is an index consisting of 81 different maternal and neonatal health services that have been evaluated by reproductive health experts around the world. The SMM uses the current scores for an individual country to represent the current situation of the delivery of these health services in a country.