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  • At long last, academics, researchers, activists, service providers, and people living with HIV are beginning to understand and articulate the consequences of addressing (or not addressing) and measuring HIV-related stigma and discrimination. This paper reviews the present understanding of HIV-related stigma and discrimination as they relate to vulnerability, and suggests approaches for stigma reduction. It explores and examines what constitutes HIV-related stigma and discrimination, what effects they have on behavior and HIV responses, and what we can do to reduce them.
    Breaking the cycle_FR.pdf
  • This paper provides an overview of the rationale for integrating family planning into HIV programs, as well as lists of resources that can be used for policy development and policy implementation to integrate FP into HIV policies and programs. It is a companion document to the CD-ROM of the same name, which contains the actual resources listed. The paper is divided into seven sections: 1. International conventions (FP and HIV-related service integration) 2. National HIV policies and FP 3. VCT policies and FP 4. PMTCT policies and FP 5. ART policies and FP 6. Operational policies 7. Additional resources