Welcome to the USAID-funded Health Policy Plus project website.

Capacity Building


Capacity development is critical to achieving results—and then sustaining and even adapting those results. HP+ supports the capacity of individuals in the form of knowledge and skills. We support the capacities of organizations—and the larger systems within which they exist—in a multifaceted approach that ensures that the right policies are put in place, and then rolled out and institutionalized. HP+ supports capacities for this complex work by partnering with stakeholders to co-create intellectual capital, help mobilize sustainable financing, and build the capacity to generate social and other forms of capital needed to support good governance.


What We Do

By partnering with a range of stakeholders (individuals, civil society organizations, and government entities), HP+ creates and implements solutions tailored to each context. Our objectives are to foster stakeholders' operational capacity to sustain the development advances achieved, and enable progress to continue under local leadership. Toward this end, HP+ helps its partners assess the existing levels of knowledge, skills, and experience existing in their constituencies on a given issue. After identifying strategic gaps, we then collaborate with them on designing and rolling out action plans to fill these gaps and build the capacity needed to move forward. These system-based approaches build collective and mutually reinforcing capacities among key stakeholders, and can be tailored to meet the needs of different partners.

HP+ works on several fronts to bolster sustainability, including the following: