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Costed Implementation Plans

HP+ is the global leader in providing technical support and capacity building to ministries of health to plan, develop, and execute country-owned national Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs) for family planning (FP). To fulfill their FP commitments, countries must be strategic in how they invest limited resources. A CIP is a multi-year roadmap designed to help governments achieve their FP goals by the most effective, efficient means possible. A CIP, the product of a structured strategic planning process, enables governments to prioritize interventions, engage stakeholders around one strategy, forecast costs, and mobilize resources to meet gaps. CIPs support achievement of Ouagadougou Partnership commitments and Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) pledges.


What We Do

HP+ supports the achievement of Ouagadougou Partnership commitments and FP2020 pledges by supporting countries to develop and execute CIPs. We also support advocates’ efforts to contribute substantively to better health outcomes and help countries work toward respectful, rights-based family planning programs. Capacity building is at the core of our approach, with the aim of supporting Ministry of Health (MOH) staff to be stewards of the CIP process.  With support from our preceding USAID-funded Health Policy Project, 15 countries developed national CIPs. In a continuation of this work under HP+, we

CIPs help governments Foster a unified country strategy for family planning,  Serve as roadmap for implementation,  Estimate the impacts of interventions, Develop a budget, Secure resource commitments,  Monitor progress


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