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The Health Policy Plus Project (HP+) helps countries achieve their health goals by building capacity for policy, advocacy, governance, and finance at multiple levels. The project develops global tools and best practices for policy work, promotes South-South sharing and collaboration, and carries out regional and country-specific policy initiatives.

Find below highlights of our regional and country programs. Click through for more specific information, including the latest publications and posts.

map  of Africa


Health Policy Plus in Ethiopia will support the national government in revising and finalizing its Costed Implementation Plan for family planning, including capacity building to help government staff inform future updates.

Health Policy Plus collaborates with government and civil society stakeholders to strengthen Ghana’s national HIV response through evidence-based recommendations and costing estimates.

Kenya & East Africa
Health Policy Plus works to boost sustainable health financing and strengthen health systems management in Kenya and the wider region, in support of HIV and AIDS and family planning goals.

Health Policy Plus uses an integrated approach to tackle Madagascar’s health and development challenges, particularly those related to poverty and high fertility and maternal mortality.

Health Policy Plus in Malawi works with government and civil society to address unmet need for family planning, elevate population and development issues, and build advocacy capacity.

In Mali, Health Policy Plus strengthens stakeholder capacity and improves the environment for policy advocacy, development, implementation, and monitoring of equitable and sustainable health services.

Health Policy Plus in Mozambique provides costing analysis to inform the national government’s decisions around HIV treatment thresholds and meeting global targets.

Health Policy Plus in Nigeria will identify key evidence gaps around family planning advocacy, with the goal of translating high-level commitments into funding and results.

Health Policy Plus and its partners in Tanzania work to combat HIV and gender-based violence, support FP2020 commitments, and enhance health service access for key populations.

West Africa
Health Policy Plus supports national governments and ministries in West African countries to achieve national and regional goals around family planning and HIV and AIDS.

map  of Afghanistan &<br>Pakistan

Afghanistan &

Health Policy Plus supports an enabling policy environment in Pakistan to reach family planning goals, especially through improvements to stewardship, capacity, and policy implementation.

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Health Policy Plus in Indonesia works with government, private sector, and civil society stakeholders to expand healthcare services, especially for maternal and newborn health.

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Latin America &
the Caribbean

The Health and Education Policy Plus project in Guatemala supports national health sector reform and focuses on civil society and governance for the education, nutrition, and health sectors.

In Jamaica, Health Policy Plus works with healthcare providers, community leaders, and the government to strengthen the national policy response to HIV and AIDS.