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HP+ is moving forward in an environment in which family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) policy is changing rapidly. The emergence of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020, a global partnership launched in 2012), the Global Financing Facility, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) all provide new opportunities to strengthen governmental commitments, increase investments, and enhance accountability with regard to FP programming. Providing technical assistance to support the development and effective execution of costed FP implementation plans is one area in which HP+ continues to lead the field. We also work to incorporate family planning into the universal health coverage (UHC) plans that many countries are now, or soon hope to be, creating. Our goal is to ensure that these plans incorporate equitable access to FP information and services—especially for underserved groups such as youth. International adoption of the SDGs provides yet another opportunity for us to advocate with national leaders regarding the direct links between population and development, and the vital role that family planning plays in achieving those goals.


What We Do

HP+ responds to the evolving FP policy context and USAID priorities, while also working to advance global initiatives that increase FP access, mobilize domestic funding for FP, and foster greater accountability on the part of governments to follow through on their FP commitments. To achieve this, we

Featured Activities

A patent medicine provider (PMV), Salau Saidat Omotola (R), attends to a client, Aremu Bose, after a family planning prescription in her outlet at Iwalesin district in Omuaran township in Nigeria’s central state of Kwara. © 2012 Akintunde Akinleye/NURHI, Courtesy of Photoshare
Costed Implementation Plans for Family Planning

HP+ is the global leader in providing technical support and capacity building to ministries of health to plan, develop, and execute country-owned national Costed Implementation Plans (CIPs) for family planning (FP). A CIP is a multi-year roadmap designed to help governments achieve their FP goals by the most effective, efficient means possible.


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