Welcome to the USAID-funded Health Policy Plus project website.



Information and data are powerful tools for advocates and policymakers when the evidence they provide informs policies and programs to better address global health needs. Whether generating country-specific demographic data or projecting the long-term impact of rapid population growth on a nation's socioeconomic trajectory, data modeling tools empower and equip researchers, health experts, government officials, and local stakeholders to strengthen health policies and systems.


What We Do

As in-country partners develop strategies to improve the health of their citizens, HP+ offers user-friendly software and computer models to help them assess the magnitude of their health challenges, explore policy and resource options, set priorities and determine programmatic impact and effectiveness. These resources include publications, training manuals, software, models, toolkits, technical papers, and project reports on a wide range of topics. They also offer advice, guidelines, and data needed to strengthen public health programs.

We also provide training and technical assistance to aid those using software applications to develop and monitor policy effectiveness. With help from our partner organizations, HP+ offers various computer models that analyze existing information to help policymakers determine programmatic impact and effectiveness.

Software and publications are available to download free of charge.