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Our Approach

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In many countries, global donor and development trends are increasingly helping to foster health policies based on international best practices. Despite this progress, a number of issues still need to be addressed. Health systems in these countries remain weak in many cases, often due to insufficient political will to translate policies into meaningful action. In addition, policy barriers, conflicts, and gaps in healthcare services are common in many settings; these may impact sustainability, equity, affordability, and human rights.


What We Do

HP+ works to improve global health policies using a variety of strategies. These include various forms of training with individuals, institutions, and civil society groups to strengthen their capacity to

HP+ also advances policies that are equitable, sustainable, affordable, and rights-based by expanding advocacy using evidence-based approaches and including vulnerable populations in the policy process. Ideally, our efforts improve the success with which individuals, institutions, and organizations conduct their own advocacy, monitor policies, and work cooperatively with each other across multiple sectors.


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What Will Success Look Like?

We see our policy work as successful when governments institute or improve health policies that result in greater equity, access, availability, affordability, and accessibility of high-quality health services, supplies, and information. Using proven indicators, we track new policies as they are developed, adopted, and implemented, and subsequently assist in monitoring their effectiveness. Successful policy work results in improved individual and institutional capacity to create, monitor, and evaluate policies and frameworks at all levels of governance.

Success also results in policies that are sustainable and address health equity, nondiscrimination, and human rights for poor, marginalized, and vulnerable populations. Increasingly, gender-responsive policies are becoming another measure of success. Because the success of robust and sustainable policies is tied to effective advocacy, HP+ tracks the frequency with which advocacy efforts contribute to policy actions or improve partnerships and collaboration across sectors. We also look for and assess opportunities to recommend new policies, structures, and strategies that are capable of working across sectors to expand health services and support to broader development goals. Finally, workshops, training sessions, and advocacy events are held regularly with our partners to reinforce HP+ policy work.